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Do you want to build a sustainable and profitable career as a Prop Firm Trader? Take the leap and join our 1-step assessment program today!

With FREE Prop Trading Roadmap course with any account to guide you, your journey to successful prop firm trading starts here.

Do you want to build a sustainable and profitable career as a Prop Firm Trader? Take the leap and join our 1-step assessment program today!

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MT5 now launched!

The City Traders is now proud to offer you MT5 as the newest trading platform addition backed by Eightcap challenge. Select from our range of challenges and choose MT5 as your selected trading platform at checkout!


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You’ve got the skills and passion. We can help you turn it into profit.


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Simple and fair rules, nothing hidden or complicated.


Your account. Your strategy. Trade with EA’s, news and hold over weekend. No max trading days. Static Drawdown.


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If you’re tired of dealing with the chaos of trading, unrealistic expectations and promises that lead to nowhere, we’re the reliable choice you’ve been looking for. This is the place where learning is practical, taught by traders who’ve faced the same challenges you’re up against. 

Our Funding Program recognizes that your journey is unique and needs a personalized approach. It’s about growing in how you perform and developing personally, understanding that success is more than just making money; it’s about changing for the better. 

Trusted by traders

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Get access to Prop Trading Roadmap, a complete course that will take your from Zero to Funded! FREE when you sign up to any assessment account.
4.5 | Excellent Rating

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This comprehensive course is structured
into three dynamic modules.

Trading Psychology

We will cover the intricacies of the trader’s mindset, mastering the psychological aspects that can make or break your success.

Technical Analysis

This module equips you with the tools to decipher market trends, read charts, and make informed decisions.  

Risk Management

We focus on this crucial topic, the cornerstone of successful trading, providing traders with stability, consistency, and resilience.

Supporting your journey to become a Funded Trader
through our Community and Regular Live Streams

In our live sessions, you can actively participate in a dynamic learning experience, gaining insights into our strategies, real-time market analysis, and a chance to pose your burning questions.

This ongoing engagement with our mentors serves as your direct link to the pulse of the market, providing you with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate trading complexities. Empowering you to make informed decisions in your trading.

Trusted by traders

Join the conversation in our Discord channel

Share your thoughts, trade ideas and learn from other traders experiences.

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Imagine having direct access to seasoned traders who have navigated the ups and downs of the market successfully. During these livestreams, you’ll learn the latest strategies, get real-time market analysis, and receive answers to your burning questions. This consistent engagement with our mentors allows you to stay updated on market trends, make informed decisions, and gain the confidence you need to succeed. Get Funded Now

Joining our weekly workshops on specific trading topics is like having a one-on-one chat with a trading expert at your favorite coffee shop. These sessions are all about diving deep into the nitty-gritty of trading, but without the jargon and complicated stuff. We’re talking about real, practical knowledge you can use right away. And the best part? You can ask questions and get instant answers. It’s all about making learning easier and actionable.

Our free trading tools are like having a trusty sidekick in your trading journey. Picture this: you’re equipped with a powerful journal to track your every move, a risk management calculator to ensure you’re always in control, and a trading pattern finder that spots opportunities you might have missed. With these tools at your fingertips, you’re not just trading; you’re trading smart. Our journal helps you analyze past trades, learn from your wins and losses, and fine-tune your strategy. The risk management calculator? It’s your shield against overexposure and unexpected market swings, safeguarding your hard-earned capital. And that trading pattern finder? It’s like having a detective on your team, uncovering hidden patterns and potential setups.

Getting access to a live chat with other traders who are in the same boat as you is a game-changer. It’s like having your own team by your side, ready to support you when you need advice or just a friendly nudge. They’re on the same journey, so you’ve got folks who understand the grind and can keep you accountable, making sure you stay on track to reach your trading goals.

World Class Asset Offerings


Trade over 40
major and minor FX pairs


Trade gold and silver on top tier liquid pricing.


We offer Brent and WTI, which are the two global benchmarks for oil trading.


Trade the world’s largest stock indices round the clock with instant execution.

Stock CFDs

Go long or short on the largest US, Australian, LSE, and XETRA stocks.

Partnered with Eightcap

When you trade with us, you gain access to one of the most popular forex trading platforms in the world. Trade on MT4 or MT5 powered by Eightcap challenge.

EightCap’s platform offers the ability to trade CFDs on a wide range of popular forex pairs, indices, and commodities.

Take advantage of Eightcap’s industry leading spreads and high liquidity.

Have some questions?

Our drawdowns are calculated as a static value off the beginning capital deposited into your trading accounts and evaluations. For example if you have a $100,000 account your 6% permitted drawdown will remain at $94,000. If you trade the account to 5% in profit your maximum drawdown remains at $94,000.

The maximum daily drawdown is calculated using the balance which resets and the end of the 24 hour trading day.

We are partnered with Eightcap as our broker to offer industry leading spreads and commissions for traders. To understand their account offering that we use see here:

Once you become a live funded trader, you must trade with us for at least 30 active trading days: An active trading day counts when a new trade is opened and not based on its duration. This requirement encourages consistent trading performance: Remember, we are looking to create long term trader success. Not the smash and grab trader”. After the first payout, we will be able to make bi-weekly payouts to traders

There are no profit targets required to be reached on the live funded account. However, the account must end in a positive balance at the end of the 30 day trading period to make a withdrawal.

There are zero monthly fees.

Platform 4: 
NOTE: Due to regulatory constraints, clients from the United States can only utilize DXTrade & are unable to utilize Platform 4. This also means that HFT Accounts are not available to clients from the United States given HFT currently only works on Platform 4 (not DXTrade).

No. Absolutely not. No trader should be forced into making trades for arbitrary time limits. Traders should only trade when the strategy tells them to. We do request that a trade is placed at lest every 30 days to keep the account active. Trading 0.01 buying and immediately selling would ensure there is no account breach.

As we are evaluating the trading of individuals you are solely responsible for your account login details. If you share account passwords with others it will violate our terms and conditions and as such it is not permitted.

There is a minimum of 4 trading days in the evaluation phase.

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Note: Market data
contract sizes and opening times vary by market. Up to date information is available within the trading platform.


Note: Market data
contract sizes and opening times vary by market. Up to date information is available within the trading platform.

ANTM Anthem Inc | KGF Kingfisher | ILMN “Illumina | TSLA Tesla Inc | FCL Fineos Corporation Holdings Plc | BEI Beiersdorf | RIOL RioTinto UK | RMD Resmed Inc Cdi 10:1 Foreign Exempt | NYSE ISRG Intuitive Surgical Inc | DHR Danaher Corp | CDA Codan Limited | TPM TPG Telecom Ltd | ALV Allianz | SIQ Smartgrp Corporation | SHL Sonic Healthcare | EL Estee Lauder Companies Inc | CQE Charter Hall Social Infrastructure | GNC Graincorp Ltd Class A | NUF Nufarm Ltd | LLC Lendlease Group Unit/ Stapled Securities | ANSS “ANSYS |HIK Hikma Pharmaceuticals | ENT Entain | CXO Core Lithium Ltd | PDL Pendal Group Ltd | PRU Prudential | LTR Liontown Resources Limited | AIR Airbus | IDS International Distributions Services PLC | ULVR Unilever | SGR The Star Ent Group | AVV Aveva Group | NAN Nanosonics Ltd | BVS Bravura Solution ltd | NOW ServiceNow Inc | ARB ARB Corporation | NG National Grid | TSN Tyson Foods | BDEV Barratt Developments | EXPN Experian | CDW CDW Corporation |HFG HelloFresh |SLR Silver Lake Resources Ltd NFLX Netflix Inc MUV2 Munich RE ROKU Roku Inc LAND Land Securities Group LLY Eli Lilly and Company TXN Texas Instruments Incorporated MSFT Microsoft Corp PXA Pexa Group Limited HLMA Halma SGRO Segro VHY Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield ETF CSL CSL Ltd GS Goldman Sachs NET Cloudflare Inc SIRI Sirius XM Holdings Inc DB1 Deutsche Boerse TW Taylor Wimpey AVH Avita Therapeutics KGN Kogan.com Ltd MNG M&G ERA Energy Resources of Australia PEN Peninsula Energy Limited SPX Spirax-Sarco Engineering BIIB Biogen Inc PAYX “Paychex EML EML Payments ltd CEN Contact Energy Limited SOLV Solventum Corporation VEU Vanguard All-World Ex-US Shares INDEX ETF API_US Agora NVS Novartis AG US UNH Unitedhealth Group Inc 360 LIFE360 Inc AGE Alligator Energy Limited RRL Regis Resources WBC Westpac Banking Corp MMM 3M Company WPL Woodside Petroleum AAPL Apple Inc SMT Scottish Mortgage Inv GSK Glaxosmithkline ALTM Arcadium Lithium plc BOQ Bank of Queensland | 

Note: Market data, contract sizes and opening times vary by market. Up to date information is available within the trading platform.

AUS200, US30, SPX500, NDX100, FRA40, EUSTX50, UK100, GER30, HK50, JPN225, VIX, US2000, USDX, SWI20, NTH25, CAN60, GER40

Note: Market data
contract sizes and opening times vary by market. Up to date information is available within the trading platform.


Note: Market data, contract sizes and opening times vary by market. Up to date information is available within the trading platform.